Coates Tree Service, Inc. offers employment opportunities
for qualified people in the following areas:

We offer a range of benefits including health insurance, paid holidays, sick leave, vacation leave, and bonuses. Our pay scale is higher than that of the local economy and raises are given based on performance, attendance, and good work ethics.

Coates Tree Service, Inc.


If you are interested in employment with Coates Tree Service, please download an application and send to us by mail, email or fax.

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Mail:  Jobs
P.O. Box 4099
Santa Fe, NM 87502-4099

Email:  jobs@coatestree.com

Fax: (505) 983-0643

Job Requirements

Besides the basic skills required, all applicants must possess a valid drivers license and have no alcohol/drug related driving offenses within the past five years.  Although we prefer experienced personnel, we are always willing to train those who have a commitment to quality tree work and who are looking for long-term employment.

Our safety program is in effect at all times and we enforce safe work practices on the job.

Plant Health Care Technician


ACCOUNTABILITY:  The position reports directly to the department manager and may be assigned under a more experienced employee at various times.

JOB SUMMARY:  The job entails applying both pesticides and fertilizers through spraying, injection into the soil and direct injection into trees and shrubs.  The majority of the work involves numerous types of synthetic pesticides.  The demand for these applications is somewhat seasonal and therefore the position is also.  While demand may allow a certain number of employees year round employment, it should not be considered as such.  May be assigned to work on other types of crews should the need arise.


  • Mixes chemicals, fertilizers, basal applications and tree injections.
  • Applies pesticides and fertilizers in accordance with label directions and all applicable laws.
  • Willing to work extra hours when necessary.
  • Confers with supervisor to plan, review work projects and make suggestions to better implement the job.
  • Establishes safe work zones and adheres to safe work practices including the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of problem solving techniques.
  • Ability to communicate with others and to assimilate and understand information, in a manner consistent with the essential job functions.
  • Ability to make sound decisions in a manner consistent with the essential job functions.
  • Ability to quickly resolve customer complaints.
  • Ability to sell services when the need arises.
  • Maintains and repairs all equipment and personal protective equipment.
  • Maintains all records as required by the State and/or the company in an accurate and acceptable fashion.
  • Maintains buildings, outside work areas and other equipment.
  • Capable of lifting 50 to 75 pounds.
  • Other duties as assigned.

SKILL AND EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS:  Must be able to work with others or alone in a productive and conscientious manner.  Must posses a valid New Mexico driver’s license.

INTER-RELATIONSHIP:   Communicates with department manager, other employees and customers to insure that completed jobs are satisfactory and performed in a safe and professional manner.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Works in field.

NEEDED ATTRIBUTES:  Ability to learn tree and shrub ID, pathology and physiology.

Tree Trimming Crew Leader


ACCOUNTABILITY:  Trimming Department Manager

JOB SUMMARY:  The Tree Trimming Crew Leader is responsible for supervising a trimming crew.  The crew leader insures that all crew tasks are completed, and all paperwork is turned in.  Acts as the competent person and implements safety program on job sites.  Insures all equipment and vehicles maintained on a daily basis.  Performs duties of climber and ground man as necessary.  Meets with customers on jobs as necessary to insure that they are satisfied with the work.  Meets with Trimming Department Manager daily.


  • Supervises trimming crew.
  • Insures crew tasks are completed.
  • Instructs crew members on what tools will be needed for the day’s jobs.
  • Responsible for implementing safety program.
  • Completes and turns in work orders and dump tickets daily.
  • Completes and turns in daily logs.
  • Meets with Trimming Department Manager daily to review the following days work and other matters.
  • Meets with crew weekly.
  • In charge of and responsible for vehicles cleanliness and daily maintenance.
  • In charge of and responsible for equipment maintenance.
  • Responsible for tools and equipment check out.
  • Responsible for cleanliness and organization of trim shed.
  • Performs duties of climber and ground man when necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.

SKILL AND EDUCATION REQUIRMENTS:  3 years experience as a climber.  Certified in Multimedia First Aid and CPR.  Certified arborist or shows progress on working toward certification.  Ability to communicate in Spanish is a plus.

INTER-RELATIONSHIP:  Communicates with crew members and customers to insure that completed jobs are satisfactory and performed in a safe manner.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Works in field setting.

Tree Climber


ACCOUNTABILITY:  Tree Trimming Crew Leader

JOB SUMMARY:  Trims and removes trees and shrubs using appropriate equipment in professional manner.  Performs duties of ground man when necessary.  Drives vehicles.  Maintains equipment and vehicle.


  • Prunes ornamental and shade trees and shrubs to improve their appearance, health and value.
  • Cuts away dead and excess branches from fruit, nut, and shade trees, using handsaws, pruning hooks and shears, and long-handled clippers.
  • Repair trees damaged by storm or lighting by trimming jagged stumps, or installation of cabling support system.
  • Fells trees using chain saw (portable power saw).
  • Operates truck-mounted hydraulic lifts.
  • Climb trees using climbing hooks, belts, or ladders, to gain access to work area.
  • Also performs duties of ground crew so individual jobs are completed in the most efficient time possible.
  • Performs maintenance and cleans vehicles and equipment on a daily basis.
  • Must be insurable under company automobile insurance policy.
  • Other duties as assigned.

SKILL AND EDUCATION REQUIRMENTS:  Demonstrated ability to use tools and equipment in a safe and professional manner.  Is a Certified arborist or shows progress on working toward certification.

INTER-RELATIONSHIP:  Communicates with Tree Trimming Crew Leader to insure that jobs are done so as to meet the customer’s expectations.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Works in field setting.

Ground Man



JOB SUMMARY:  Entry-level position.  The ground man is responsible for assisting other workers of a higher level of competence or expertness by performing a variety of duties, such as furnishing materials, tools, and supplies, cleaning work area, machines and equipment, loading debris onto trucks, and holding tools and materials.


  • Starts truck/s in the morning and loads equipment needed for that day
  • Hands or hoists tools and equipment to tree climber
  • Lowers pruned limbs and trunk sections using ropes or block and tackle
  • Sections limbs into lengths for firewood or chipping using saw
  • Reduces sections of limbs and trunks to chips using chipper
  • Positions and steadies ladders
  • Under supervision cuts trees, brush and other growth using chain saw and other hand tools
  • Rakes up debris and loads it on truck
  • Maintains company issued equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Spots truck when backing up
  • Controls traffic using proper signs or hand signals
    Manages’ climbers ropes
  • Learns to anticipate climbers needs
  • Other duties as assigned

SKILL AND EDUCATION REQUIRMENTS:  Ability to follow directions and work in a safe manner.  Mechanically inclined.

INTER-RELATIONSHIP:  Communicates with crew leader and crewmembers.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Works in field setting.

NEEDED ATTRIBUTES:  Ability to communicate verbally and in writing using English.  Must be able to do basic arithmetic computations