Coates tree service provides pruning, trimming, removals, storm repair and stump removal.  In addition, we provide tree maintenance; including deep root fertilization and spraying for insects and diseases. We operate 3-4 radio dispatched crews depending on the season, 2 bucket trucks, 3 chippers and chip trucks and 3 grinders.


Tree pruning
Pruning improves structural appearance and growth and maintains canopy size.


Tree Trimming by Coates Tree Service
Trimming of branches prevents breaking and storm damage. Hazardous trimming for line and home damage.


Storm Damage and Hazordous Removal
Removal of trimmings, branches, trunks and damaged trees. Firescaping for vulnerable properties.

Stump Removal

Stump Removal
Stump removal and grinding of dead or damaged trees and removal from premises.

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying for disease & pest control.
Protect your tree health & investment by spraying for disease & pest control.


Tree fertilization service
We keep trees healthy by providing deep root fertilization for continued growth and protection,


Cabling & bracing provides structural support for weak or damaged trees.
Cabling & bracing provides structural support for weak or damaged trees.

Wood Chipping

Wood Chipper
Wood chipping free for people loading their own trucks. Delivery with small charge.

Additional Services

Artistic Pruning

Pruning is a science and an art.  Artistic pruning combines the artistic skill of the pruner, the essence of a tree, and the needs of clients and surroundings and creates a living art form.

Certified Arborist, Robert Coates, looks at the tree as a living sculpture.  He specializes in trimming and shaping plants into attractive forms that enhance commercial and residential properties.

Storm Repair

Coates Tree Service provides storm cleanup and repair of damaged trees.  If the damage is relatively slight, we prune the broken branches, cable and brace weakened limbs and repair torn bark or rough edges around wounds. Heavier storm damage may require the removal of downed trees on on properties, roads, homes and power lines.


Firescaping reduces the vulnerability of your house and property to wildfire. With defensible lot clearing we can reduce the chance of a fire spreading by thinning, pruning and removal of trees to reduce the chance of a fire spreading.

Free Woodchips

Coates tree service provides wood chips for free for people loading their own trucks, and can deliver with small delivery charge. The money received for the wood chip delivery goes to the crew at the end of the year.